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Each season our PR department reports for BN magazine, here these seasonal reports for the last 12 months are reproduced in full, older reports can be found in the year archives at the bottom of the page....

Last Updated: Thursday March 10, 2016

Archives: 2005

Spring Summer

I love this time of the year: so much to look forward to and mainly that of getting our clothes off to enjoy some good weather outdoors!  Feeling the sun’s warmth on my skin is what Naturism is all about for me.  We have our sauna to use all year and it becomes very popular through the winter, and there are BN indoor events to attend and Naturist Swims in public pools but give me the great outdoors any day! Well, no, not any day; preferably a warm one!

Our club hosts a social each month and we had a lovely posh dinner-dance in December, then a Christmas meal and a family gathering with Father Christmas, We saw in the New Year with a disco and another for Valentine’s Day and we have several fancy dress themed events to come; some with a meal and some with live music and vocals. In between the various socials there’s always a group of us sat around the fire on a Friday & Saturday night, whatever the weather through the winter, but we have all been waiting for spring! We shall soon have the heated pool open for use right through till October and the patio will become the hub of the club again with plenty of talk and laughter. Saturday evening communal barbeques will commence and the kiosk will be open for ice creams and snacks. We have all this to come and so will you if you wish to visit or apply for membership!  We have a good mix of all ages and we cater for them all; from sports facilities for the more energetic to grassy lawns on which to laze away the summer and the children have their own clubhouse with TV & games. Come and see for yourselves!

Summer at last!

We might be a club for all seasons but this is the time of the year we exist for!

We do like the sunshine to lift our spirits and give us the feel good factor!

It’s always wise to use sun lotion and wear a hat and even, dare I say it, cover up in the hottest of sunshine, but it’s perfectly okay to be naked in the shade of the trees and enjoy the warm air without the risk of sunburn.

Due to a lot of hard work through the cooler months we are able to sit back and enjoy the summer though there is still lots of work going on to keep the club running.

The pool is keeping a constant temperature with the help of a new cover and the heat-exchanger and is a welcome relief to the summer heat.

Our Holiday Week at the end of next month and into August will once again be a fun packed week of activities for all ages and includes a social with a singer and an Arabian Nights fancy dress disco.

Our club, in the seclusion of Pippin Wood, is a relaxing haven from everyday life, as are most naturist clubs, and provides a safe, friendly environment for us to be naturist without causing offence to those who, as yet, do not realise what it is all about, but don’t worry; I am working on that!

So yes, we are open all year and have socials and gatherings every weekend, but this time of the year it is far easier for “the others” to understand why we do this, so start explaining to them how lovely it is to be clothes-free!


Well, what a turn around after a wet start to our summer……lovely sunshine!

For those of you who’ve spent weeks in front of the telly watching football and tennis, you might not have noticed how lovely it’s been outside!  We might moan about the rain but without sufficient of it our land would not be so green and pleasant!  It’s worth the showers to achieve such beautiful results and here in Pippin Wood the grass, flowers and trees are all thriving in a rather spectacular way and are a great alternative to the television!

We were pleased to host the BN Eastern Region Volley Ball & Table Tennis Tournaments in June and I am hoping, whilst writing this, that members of the E.R. will visit Blackthorns when we host their meeting in September, use the club facilities for the day and enjoy a piece of BN’s cake for their 50th celebrations.

We showed a group of local councillors from a nearby village round the club one evening, gave them some history of the club, a slide show to show how the site has developed over the years and tea and cakes. They were very interested in our work and pastimes.  One turned out to be naturist and another admitted to skinny dipping on holiday! It’s always worth introducing yourselves to local councils so that they are aware of what we are all about especially if we ever came up for discussion at one of their meetings. It’s a good Public Relations exercise that spreads the word to non naturists in the area, that we are actually a fairly “normal” bunch of people. We’ve done this before and will continue to do so again with all neighbouring parish councils.  

Our traditional Holiday Week that always starts over the last weekend in July, was full of fun as always with sports, games, children’s treasure hunt, teddy bears picnic, quizzes, horse racing, live music, ladies cocktail afternoon and men’s beer tasting evening, bingo, disco, fancy dress, duck race and even a market day. There was always something to do for everyone!

Our club, set in a peaceful woodland setting surrounded by fields, is a tranquil place to be and to be able to be naked in this setting is idyllic. We have members of all ages and from all backgrounds and it’s a friendly, pleasant place to spend your spare time. We cater for children too and families are most welcome. We have sports facilities and a heated outdoor pool, a great social diary with events all year through, so you get value for money when you subscribe to Blackthorns.










What a lovely end to our season to have another Indian Summer when the sunshine lasted into October.  Every extra bit of sunshine is much appreciated as we get into Autumn and we made much use of it sat on our large South facing patio and enjoying Saturday evening BBQs whilst temperatures encouraged us to stay outdoors that bit longer!

The colder weather caught up with us but as we have a sauna and wood burning stove in the clubhouse we continued to enjoy time at the club whatever the weather.  Being in a woodland setting there is always work to be done and as with general maintenance of the buildings and facilities, most of it is carried out be willing volunteers with time and skill to offer, thus saving on employing outside contractors.  We also maintain attendance by holding socials every month of the year which vary from dinner dances to discos. Of course we celebrate the traditional events of Halloween, Firework Night, Christmas and New Year and yes, we DO keep our clothes on in the winter!  It's surprising how many people new to our lifestyle ask us this!  Though of course when the opportunity arises we still go naturist; when there's still warmth in the winter sun we will make the most of it!

We are a family orientated club with a wide range of ages and backgrounds and it welcomes prospective members to arrange a visit and see for themselves and you too could be enjoying the summer of 2016 by our pool, lazing on the lawns and generally enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of Blackthorns in Pippin Wood.

tel: 07974303151   or email: pro@blackthorns.org.uk  

I look forward to talking to you.