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Each season our PR department reports for BN magazine, here these seasonal reports for the last 12 months are reproduced in full, older reports can be found in the year archives at the bottom of the page....


Where did the summer go?  We are once again enduring the winter months and looking forward to Spring!! 

We have the memories of our Family Week in August which will last us until the next one, already being planned! 

We started the week off with a Summer Ball when we dressed up rather smartly, and ended it with a Toga Party where we dressed down with sheets and laurel leaf garlands on our heads! 

Mid-week we had the pleasure of the company of “Calvero” who held a gymnastic workshop for the children in the afternoon.  He then entertained us all in the evening by performing as Charlie Chaplin and showed us his talents as a mime artist who was brilliant with magic tricks and balloon modelling.

We hosted the annual Fun Run at the start of September (report & results elsewhere in this edition) and were lucky to have naturist weather throughout the month.

Our Woodsman organised a “Loggers & Bodgers Ball” and we learnt the correct terminology for many of the jobs carried out in Pippin Wood. Having a Semi-Ancient Woodland to maintain is educational as well as pleasing to the eye.  It also means we share it with other wildlife, not just naturists!

We had 2 of our members play Petanque at the INF tournament in France and they reported coming 55th out of 64, having won 4 games and lost 4.  They had a great time and are already hoping to qualify again next time.

October brought us Halloween and we had a gathering of witches & wizards with an array of pumpkin lanterns.

November 11th was Blackthorns night to remember the Gunpowder Plot and our very own pyrotechnic, of “Fusion of Fireworks” fame, gave us an incredible display. If we weren’t already warm enough by the bonfire we were able to drink mulled wine to keep out the cold and dine on the delights of barbeque cooking.

We are now enjoying the wood burning stove that was installed at the start of this year and will soon be sat around it singing Christmas Carols and pulling crackers!

That is if we are not sat in our new sauna………yes, we know how to live life to the full, here at Blackthorns.