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We had a great Fireworks night as usual due to our resident pyrotechnic, Howard, who puts on a spectacular show here at Blackthorns. Many members invite friends and family to join in the fun of the fire and mulled wine as well as the fantastic firework display.  It gives them a chance to see us as a mixed group of people rather than just naturists and they realise we are a fun bunch from various backgrounds.  Some even decide to join us!!

We had a pleasant evening social early December that we call “A Bit of a Do” as we really go to town on dressing smartly and dancing the night away in style! 

Our Sunday lunch time get together before Christmas was attended by many, especially as we expected a visit from Father Christmas.  It’s amazing how many believe in him still and promise they will be good all year!

New Year saw us all back for another festive feast and dancing until the early hours of 2007.

We soon had to get back into the work routine required to maintain the woods and grounds that we share with the wildlife and whilst it sometimes seems a bit drastic it is amazing how soon the new growth will appear and reap the benefits of winter pruning.

We celebrated the Chinese New Year with appropriate cuisine and more of Howard’s firecrackers and then St. Patrick’s Day with an Irish themed social.

We had to save some energy for our Spring Cleaning Weekend when almost all members join in sprucing up the club buildings and grounds in readiness for the summer months when we hope to be too busy lazing in some Global Warming by the pool to be doing anything more strenuous!

We now have the Easter weekend to look forward to, which will include a table tennis tournament. I hear it will also involve some dressing up as bunnies, so it sounds like we are in for some fun!  There will then follow some serious Petanque practise in readiness for the Derek Brown Trophy in early May.

it's all go here at Blackthorns!  Do come and see for yourselves.

2007 Winter Autumn