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The Blackthorn has flowered, so the next crop of sloes are on their way: Sloe Gin production will begin next Autumn!

Meanwhile we are going to enjoy a beautiful display of violets and primroses preceding our glorious bluebells.

This is a refreshing time of the year with the trees coming alive and greening up for Spring and the start of our naturist season.

We've had our Valentine's Disco and then Comic Relief is to be supported by a fancy dress disco.

We have Easter celebrations to plan and the summer holiday week at the beginning of August to look forward to,

with Peter James already booked to entertain us. Bring a tent or caravan and share in the fun and games all week; something for everyone to enjoy.

The children have a new clubhouse to use this season and we are pleased to have so many, of all ages, to make good use of it.

Our sauna nights have been very popular throughout the cold weather but we do look forward to re-opening our pool and with the

help of the heat exchanger, installed last year, we shall keep it at a pleasant constant temperature to enjoy throughout the season.

We have all the expected sporting facilities of a good naturist club and pleasant surroundings in a semi-ancient woodland; a most relaxing atmosphere.

We remain a thriving prosperous club that gives the members what they want and as we own our land, it will never be anything else.

Come and see for yourselves and consider joining the best club in Bedfordshire!



At last……..summer!

We had a lovely start with some glorious early spring sunshine that brought out the primroses and violets closely followed by the bluebells and the fine bright greenery amongst the trees, here in Pippin Wood. The sauna proved to be very popular during its first winter and was a strong attraction to the club during the cold weather, as was the wood burning stove in the clubhouse. We are an all-weather club!

Winter work building the new children’s clubhouse has finished and they now have a great place for music, laptops, games and tv; away from the adults but close enough to keep a discreet eye on! They also have their play area with a climbing structure and swings and they all seem to love the pool. Once again the heat exchanger is proving to be worth the investment as it keeps the water at a comfortable steady temperature in an economical way. We have petanque, miniten, volley-ball, badminton and crazy golf to keep us active and darts and table-tennis indoors. Of course the sun bathing lawns are the most popular area this time of the year, and the patio, complete with the kiosk selling hot & cold drinks, snacks and ice-creams!  Saturday evenings are communal barbeque times and a great social way to end the day, lingering over food and perhaps a medicinal glass of wine! We celebrated Easter as we do on most occasions, with food & drink and dancing, with the odd quiz thrown in to keep the brain working!  We are now looking forward to the beginning of August when we have our annual holiday week when Peter James will be entertaining us one Saturday evening and we will have something arranged to suit all ages, each day and evening, all week.  Come for the day or the week and join in our fun. Even during busy social times you can find peace and relaxation in our 15 acre site in the countryside; a haven from everyday living!



I can’t believe it’s September already as the months have flown by!

Whilst there is always time to laze on the lawn, share an evening barbeque with friends, swim a few lengths (in a nice steady temperature now that we have a heat exchanger for the pool), wander through the woods or chat on the patio: there is also so much activity packed into our club life that we haven’t time to get bored!

There is petanque, miniten, volley ball, badminton, table tennis and darts to occupy ourselves.  The much favoured ‘crazy golf’ course has been extended yet again and there is danger that its creator will be encroaching on the farmer’s fields next door if we don’t keep an eye on him!

We have had an Emergency Services fancy dress night and a summer fete complete with a scarecrow competition, our own ‘Morris Men’ dancers and live entertainment. It’s good that local artists never mind performing at a naturist club and they say they enjoy the experience, which is always good publicity for us. You can imagine the tales they tell afterwards when they are asked if they dressed for the occasion!

Our annual Holiday Week was its usual success with a School Disco to start it off and a Seaside Theme to end it whilst being entertained for the second time by Peter James…well known at many Suntrecker’s events.  Scattered between these occasions are bingo and quiz nights and lots of balmy evenings spent chatting and laughing with friends. Ours is a very social club and you soon become part of it and develop strong friendships, but at the other extreme, you can indulge in thoughtful, quiet times, communing with nature and releasing the stress of everyday life. Our woodland setting provides a backdrop to escapism and you can lose yourself in the dappled sunshine and birdsong.

Whilst we don’t want to wish the good weather away we must plan ahead and enjoy the End of Season Ball with a medieval theme and I suppose we must admit it will soon be time to laze in the sauna and enjoy the warmth of the wood burning stove rather than the sun but we know the months keep changing and just as we adapt to the cold, Spring will be back and the year will start again!

Roni & Deane

Autumn 2011