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Well, what a great summer we’ve had. We matched, and sometimes had better weather than the foreign climes we usually feel the need to rush off to! Lazing on our lawn, dipping in the pool, cooking on the barbeque, sipping drinks, eating ice creams and being surrounded by friends - what better way to spend your leisure time? And winter is good too! We might keep our clothes on longer than we would like but there is always the sauna to relax in especially after a day of maintenance work on the buildings or in the grounds – all voluntary, I hasten to add! If our members have the skills and the time then lots of jobs get done and they save the club paying outside contractors wherever possible. We are fortunate as we have had whole buildings raised purely by our members’ abilities, and it’s rare that we call on a tree surgeon as we have our own experienced and knowledgeable team to keep our woodland thriving. We also spend a lot of time drinking tea and chatting, be it on the patio or round the wood burning stove and with our resident chefs, we have some tasty lunchtime meals that always tempt us to the kitchen! By the dart board is a popular place to gather in an evening and share many a laugh at our attempts to score.

We have a social every month and they are varied, including live music or discos. There are monthly sauna nights that include a meal which brings members together during the winter. Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas, New Year…they are all celebrated at the club. We have a dinner-dance in December which gives us the chance to dress in style. Blackthorns club life is very much about friends being together sharing the common interest of naturism and escaping the outside world as often as we can.

We might be looking forward to next year’s sunshine but we know how to enjoy ourselves .

Our April showers lasted well into June but we did get some beautiful sunshine for both Bank Holidays in May and that was unusual and much appreciated!

The pool soon got up to temperature and remained there with the help of the heat exchanger that takes the warmth from the air and transfers it to the water. Clever stuff!  It was well used once the July temperatures soared and we needed to feel refreshed; even the “Tacky Tigers” band that played for us on the patio finished their night with their first naturist swim!

We have regular disco socials and of course we’ve all eaten way too much and blame it on our wonderful kitchen people who provide us with such quality and value meals that we just can’t refuse!

Every Saturday evening we cook our own food on the communal barbeque and dine together on the patio, watching the sun go down. Good food, good company and a little glass of something, leads to total relaxation!

We’ve had our annual Holiday Week when members gather to spend a week together and be entertained every day with such a wide range of activities that no one gets bored!  From duck racing to horse racing, miniten to crazy golf, a ladies cocktail afternoon which was matched this year with  a beer tasting evening for the men, themed discos, quizzes, bingo and an evening round a camp fire with music and song; all accompanied by much merriment and laughter!  

We included a fund raising event for the Marie Curie nurses with an afternoon tea-party.

We are fortunate to have members from every decade so we are a good mix of people, all with such different backgrounds, all brought together by our love of being comfortable in our own skin and not much more!

With our peaceful woodland setting in the countryside we are a haven for wildlife and naturists too!

Phone me if you wish to find out more!

Well, didn’t spring take a long time to arrive this year?

The majority of our maintenance work was carried out through the winter leaving us with the routine tidying up jobs and though our annual Spring Cleaning day was postponed due to snow fall, we caught up in time to start the season.

Once the sun remembered how to shine, the primroses & violets and then the bluebells soon flourished, the winter cover came off the pool, naked bodies were seen on the patio and we knew summer was on its way!

We were pleased to host the BN Petanque games over the early May Bank Holiday weekend and welcomed back the singers “Two True” for the Saturday night entertainment and a great night was had by all.

The Suntreckers paid us another of their visits with a rally for their members; it’s always good to have them to stay. Our Saturday evening communal barbeques started again and our monthly socials have been varied and well attended.

We’ve advertised in local free publications and brought in people who hadn’t realised they wanted to try naturism until they read our adverts and editorials and have used the local hospital’s radio magazine; trying to tempt patients to take up a relaxing and healthy lifestyle! We continue to have a mixed membership of singles, couples, families and all ages, so we remain a thriving club of an interesting mix; all brought together by the common interest of social nudity. It makes a pleasant, safe and comfortable environment that appeals to one and all.

Winter Autumn Summer

Well the wet winter that followed the wet summer is over and we are all hoping for a little less rain now! We are awaiting the fresh flowering of violets & primroses amongst the trees and for the bluebells to follow. Birds are singing and nesting and the woodland is an ever-changing landscape this time of year with the trees in bud and soon to be providing us with their glorious backdrop to our sun bathing lawns and sports areas. We have a sports officer keen to introduce you to any of our activities; petanque, miniten, badminton, volley ball, table tennis, darts and even the crazy golf. Play for fun or get competitive and join in team events. The pool will soon be open for the season and kept at an inviting temperature by our heat exchanger that pulls in the warmth from the air around it. Saturday evening communal barbeques on the patio are about to take place again and we shall wine and dine together, hopefully outdoors for most of the season, and enjoy many a conversation on all subjects under the sun! With our kitchen managers cooking us some beautiful meals and other volunteers feeding us too, we should all be thinking of more exercise rather than lazing in the sunshine around the pool but there is always time for both! Of course the majority of projects are carried out during the winter and as our club is fortunate to have some hard working volunteers, it means we can afford continual improvements throughout the site. We are also very pleased to be hosting the BN National Petanque games in May and we hope many of you will also come along as spectators. Booking forms will be provided from the BN office. This is a favourite time of the year as there is so much to look forward to! Phone me on 07974 303 151 if you have any questions.