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Here are some of the questions we get asked:

Do I have to undress the moment I enter club grounds?

Not at all.  You undress as and when you feel ready to do so.

You can park and undress at your car. The parking places are amongst the trees and quite secluded so it isn’t like being in a supermarket car park!

You can use the Ladies or Gents or you can undress where you sit, be it on the lawn or patio.

It’s your choice.

Am I expected to be naked at all times?

Only when the weather and temperature makes it desirable.  We are naturists but we feel the cold too!! 

I am new to naturism and feel nervous about joining in.  What is expected of me?

Your first visit to the club will be to look around and be shown the facilities and for you to decide if you might like to join. You are under no obligation to sign up or pay any money!  You might like to return and have a second look before making a decision.  During  your first visit, you would not be expected to undress but please do so if you feel comfortable.   Otherwise you will be left to take part at your own speed. But it’s best to try it out as soon as you can so that you stop feeling nervous about doing so. It’s easier than you might suspect.

Though it has to be remembered that this is a naturist club and you will be expected to be naked whenever the weather is suitable, especially after your first few visits.

Is there any protocol I should know about?

For hygiene reasons carry a towel around and always use it to sit on when using communal chairs.

It is also a good prop to have if you are unsure of what to do with your hands or to hide some of your body if you feel a little shy.

If you help out in the kitchen or any food preparation area, then cover up.

This is also for your own protection!  Hot tea hurts!

I’m embarrassed to ask...but what about during my monthly period?  Surely I can’t be expected to be naked then?

No, of course not.  You do whatever is most comfortable for yourself. Once you’ve been attending and got used to being naked you’ll be surprised to find you feel overdressed

f you wear a skirt or jeans as you probably would do otherwise, so women often wear a sarong. It will be quietly understood if you go around dressed for a while each month and no one will question it.  Don’t worry!

I’m worried that I won’t be able to stop myself from getting an erection at the sight of nude females!!  What do we men do?!!

Relax!  First of all, if you feel really anxious, carry a towel around with you and you can hide behind it!  Secondly, don’t worry...this rarely happens.  Trust me!!  It might sound strange but you’ll understand in time; seeing naked people in such natural surroundings, doing everyday tasks and lounging around in the sun is not the same as posing in a sexual or attracting manner.  It is not viewed in the same light and will not be as arousing as you might think it will be.  Sometimes the addition of clothes gives a more sexual perception to the human body, than the taking away.

Do people attend the social events dressed or undressed?

The evening events are generally a time for clothes but if you have been lounging on the patio in the evening sun you will not be evicted at a certain time!  The communal evening patio barbeque will generally be a mixture of clothed and unclothed depending on the temperature but then people will drift off and return for the evening event fully dressed.  Occasionally someone will later decide it is warm enough to strip off and swim in the pool and this is perfectly acceptable.

Is swimwear allowed?

No. This is a strict rule within the club.  No swimwear is allowed in the pool.  If it is warm enough to go into an outdoor pool it is warm enough to be undressed!!  Anyway...it is much nicer to bathe without that clingy wet swimsuit...a feeling of freedom and easier to dry oneself afterwards! 

What do we wear to play miniten?

The temperature and weather will play a part in this! But even on a cooler day,once you are warm enough or the sun shines, it will be expected of you to remove your clothes.  Trainers and suitable footwear must be worn.  Sandals are not allowed, purely for safety reasons.

The same applies to the volleyball and petanque courts.

Are the toilets and showers mixed?

The Ladies and Gents are separate but the showers are communal with a communal changing area.   Don’t feel shy...you’ve seen it all before already!!

Do the children have to follow the same rules?  What if they don’t want to join in?

 Children of any age are not forced to do anything they don’t wish to do.  Blackthorn's other children will always make them feel welcome.

My children might get bored easily...what is there at Blackthorns for them?

.They have a clubhouse of their own where they can get away from the adults and sit and chat, watch videos, TV, play music and so on.  It is right next to the main clubhouse so they are never far away. 

They also have a play area, which has just benefited from some new equipment so they can climb and slide and swing away their energy!

Of course they nearly all love the pool where the young ones are supervised by their parents and no one swims alone.  

They have the grounds to roam in and it is a relatively safe atmosphere but I must remind you that parents are ultimately responsible for their child at all times.

We have qualified Safeguarding Officers  (sometimes referred to as Child Protection Officers) to deal with any problems that could arise.  We have a Safeguarding Policy to work from.  We don’t anticipate there being any but we are ready to deal with them in the same manner as any other type of club.  They are there for anyone to talk to about any concerns, not just for children or vulnerable adults.

I’ve heard of naturist clubs being a den for swingers and sexual activities!  Is this true?

Most definitely not! We are a family orientated club that keeps a balance of single members too. This results in there being a mix of both sexes and all ages but the emphasis is on creating a comfortable family environment.

You are free to use the club facilities 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week all year round...you can walk in the woods, sit in the clubhouse; whatever you wish.  Sunday mornings will generally see a gathering for coffee and a chat and sometimes there is a lunch laid on at a low cost.  Work is carried out throughout the year, but especially during the colder months...painting, decorating, cleaning, weeding, pruning, clearing, digging, planting...you name it...it needs to be done!

Saturday evenings are generally still a social time and it’s good to meet up throughout the colder months.  Take your own drinks to the clubhouse or make yourself tea  or coffee .

 Are dogs allowed?

Guide dogs and other working dogs are allowed on site with their owner but we do not allow pets. It is the decision of the majority of members that they do not want the risk of the mess or noise associated with dogs or other animals.

 Are tattoos & piercings allowed?

Whilst tattoos and piercings are permitted, genital piercings must be removed when naked. It is felt that they draw attention to the genitalia and as we consider naturism to be a non-sexual nudity we feel it is inappropriate.

What do you do when it turns cold?

We put our clothes on!