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Latest Site Updates: 10.05.24

Welcome to our 2024 website.

We are happy for prospective members to make contact with our Membership Officer

 and book a time and date to come and see us.

Pippin Wood,

 it’s still the place to be,

whatever the weather!

In case you are wondering, yes, it can still be pretty chilly out just now,  but we have a sauna to spend time in and a log burner to sit around, or we just keep our clothes on like anyone else!

Naturally, the summer sunshine is

 our favourite time of the year!

There’s always a warm welcome!

We are a club for all seasons and there is always something to do!

What is Naturism?

Being a naturist means being free to live in harmony with nature, in a social,

clothes-free environment.

It is about respecting others,

not for what they do, or what they earn,

but for who they are, as a person.