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Latest Site Updates: 22.12.20

Welcome to our 2020 website.

Isolation to Staycation!

We’ve had to follow the Government Guidelines since the Covid-19 Pandemic took hold, and for a while we were unable to open our doors to visitors and prospective members.

We were so pleased when the situation changed and we were able to open up our club, with limited facilities, and welcome people to Pippin Wood once again.


Fortunately we all enjoyed some glorious sunshine and were able to provide a holiday type destination for our members and we were joined by new faces, most of whom had been unable to follow their summer holiday plans, in this country or abroad. With our outdoor heated pool and such a friendly, family environment, they were thrilled to use us as an alternative!

Latest situation:  We are in Tier 4!

Just as we were entering Tier 3 on Saturday 20th December, the number of Covid cases were rising again and by Sunday 21st the Government had created a Tier 4 and put us in it!

This means no overnight stays away from home and limited travel.  There are always exceptions, like getting to work, but trips out for exercise are to stay local to home. No visits to people’s homes or gardens and can only meet with one other person in a public park.

This is a difficult time for everyone, especially at this time of the year but all we can ask of our members is that you follow the laws & guidelines set out by the Government. These are constantly updating and can be found on:


Meanwhile, don’t forget our Government’s advice:

Hands, Face, Space.

We will re-open our Clubhouse as soon as we are allowed, so that there is shelter from any bad weather and the tables & chairs will be laid out so that separate households will be socially distanced at 2m apart. The anti-viral sanitiser will help to keep you feeling safe.

Our toilets & showers will be open and there is plenty of soap & hot water, and hand-sanitiser, to use, to ensure you feel safe and free of the threat of the virus.

Please contact the Membership Officers if you wish to visit or are contemplating membership. They will advise you of our procedures and when we will be able to invite you to our club.

In our contained and controlled environment, we are able to trust each other to do the right thing to stay safe and get through these hard times together.

We all hope Summer 2021 will be the time the whole country will function as we did before this virus hit.