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Blackthorns is primarily a naturist club and the reason you join is to practise naturism in a place that it is acceptable and no one is going to be shocked or complain about seeing a naked body. Whilst it’s not against the law to be naked in public it does often attract the wrong kind of attention and people look at it in a different way than we do.

We tend to spend a lot of time at the club and it therefore becomes our social scene too.  We have a Social Officer who will lead the organisation of events but is always glad of a helping hand whether it’s to decorate the clubhouse or wash up after a meal!

We tend to hold an organised social on a Saturday night, at least once a month and the usual occasions are included: Easter, Halloween, Fireworks, Christmas & New Year.


 Events peak during Family Week , held during the Summer school holidays when organised fun and games take place on a daily basis.

.                      Details for this year can be found in the "Events Diary".

You will see from our Events Diary that our Saturday Socials are usually made up of a meal with a disco or live music.

We are lucky to have such talented and hard working volunteers that can produce a superb meal for 60 or more people at a time.

We have several “in house” DJs, one of whom can also do Karaoke for us and with the clubhouse fitted with various flashing lights, string lights and a glitter ball, we are ready for everything!

We’ve never had any trouble finding singers or groups that are happy to play in a Naturist setting and some are very pleasantly surprised what a great atmosphere we have and have even stripped off to use the pool after a hot night’s work!

Many of our socials are themed with Fancy Dress but it is always optional and you need not feel awkward if dressing up is not for you.

We are not a licensed premises so please feel free to bring any alcoholic or soft drinks with you, as you would any evening throughout the year.                             

Our busiest time of the social calendar is what has been known as “Family Week”, or more recently, “Holiday Week” to show it’s not compulsory to bring your family with you!

We have a fun filled week from a Saturday, through the week and ending on the following Sunday.  Both Saturdays will have a social with a disco or live music and the days between filled with fun for everyone.

Please go to our “Holiday Week” page for more details of what is happening this year.