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Blackthorns Sun Club

 2022 BN National Petanque

Hosted by Blackthorns Sun Club

Friday April 29th - Monday May 2nd

This event is open for all BN members

and all members of a

club affiliated to BN.

 Come as a player or spectator.

You are required to be a BN member

in order to compete in the games.

 We have space for you to bring a tent,

motor-home or caravan.

Registration forms

to enter the tournament,

booking forms for visitors,

 and to stay overnight,

together with

booking forms for the meals

available over the weekend,

are all available

direct from Blackthorns.

Please email Roni at:


Tel. 07879 71 4455

This took place this year and the games will return to Blackthorns in  2024.

It was a very successful weekend with those who qualify going on to play in the Nationals in Hanover in Germany.

Good luck everyone!